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Are you interested in increasing your revenue in today’s fiercely competitive eyeware market?
Do you value customer loyalty and retention?
Are you looking to differentiate yourself as a champion retailer in a unique way?

If so... an alliance with EYEGLASS RESCUE will be of interest and benefit to you.
Up until now, there has been no viable, cost-effective solution to the frustration and expense experienced when an individual looses their eyeglasses or sunglasses. But now, EYEGLASS RESCUE is available to your customers to increase the potential for their lost eyewear to be identified and returned to their owner.
  1. Eyeglass Rescue and Eyeglass Rescue ID for Kids can be sold at eyewear dispensaries in packages and counter display trays for the patient to take home and use. The Eyeglass Rescue Retrieval Service is valid for the life of your customer’s eyeglass frames.
  2. Eyeglass Rescue can be sold in bulk to our optometrist and ophthalmologist clients that want to install Eyeglass Rescue on their patients’ eyewear at the point of purchase. Eyeglass Rescue sold in bulk comes with instructions and a storage case. In this application, it is the responsibility of the optometrist or ophthalmologist to register the patient ’s eyewear on-line with our Eyeglass Rescue registration service, which is typically done during the product purchase. Installing Eyeglass Rescue at the office or store significantly increases patient/customer loyalty and distinguishes the optometrist/dispensary as true caregivers.
  3. Many of our optometrist and ophthalmologist clients offer Eyeglass Rescue to their clients free of charge as a marketing and customer loyalty tool.

Of course, each Eyeglass Rescue program includes the product and retrieval service for your patients for the life of their eyeglass frames.

At Eyeglass Rescue, we realize that you provide an important service to your patients and your community. We would be very pleased to work with you to support your standard of excellence in optical care.

Call us at 1.888.950.7507
e-mail us at: Harriet.Diamond@eyeglassrescue.com
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