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Studies have shown that more than fifty percent of children under the age of eighteen lose their eyeglasses at least once. Many children lose them several times! Now there is a simple, low cost means to help identify and retrieve your child’s lost glasses.
EYEGLASS RESCUE for Kids™ uses a patented Identification Sleeve (tube) printed with a unique Identification Number for each pair of eyeglasses. The Identification Sleeve is shrink-fitted onto a temple bar on your child’s glasses in a comfortable, nearly invisible location behind the ear. The Identification Sleeve is protected against moisture, abrasion and removal by a second, clear Protection Sleeve that is placed over the attached Identification Sleeve and then shrink-fitted.
When an individual finds your child’s glasses and contacts EYEGLASS RESCUE, we will provide the finder with your FIRST AND LAST NAME only, on the chance that the finder will recognize your name and may be able to return your child’s glasses with a short turn-around time.
In addition, EYEGLASS RESCUE will immediately contact you to provide you with the name, address and telephone number of the finder. This is the quickest way to retrieve your child’s lost glasses. If requested, your child’s glasses can be recovered by EYEGLASS RESCUE’s Retrieval Service, which will attempt to obtain and forward the glasses to you for an additional fee.
  As added incentive to retrieve your glasses, the finder will receive a "Thank You" reward package directly from EYEGLASS RESCUE once your child’s glasses are retrieved.
Once you order EYEGLASS RESCUE for Kids, you will receive a Kit which includes:
EYEGLASS RESCUE’s patented Identification and Protection Sleeves (with special kids-only sizes and colors)
Sleeve attachment instructions
(See instructions)
Registration Instructions/Confirmation
If you have any questions, call 1-888-950-7507