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Eyeglass Rescue uses a patented Identification Sleeve printed with a unique Identification Number for each user. The reverse side of the Sleeve has our national toll-free EYEGLASS RESCUE phone number.


The sleeve, with your unique Identification Number, is shrink-fitted to the temple bar of your glasses in a comfortable,

nearly invisible location, behind the ear.

Once the Eyeglass Rescue Sleeve is shrink fitted to the temple bar of your glasses, you must register the Identification Number on the sleeve with our Eyeglass Rescue Retrieval Center. This can be done on this website (register here) or by calling our toll-free telephone number
888-950-7507. The retrieval service is valid for the life of your eyeglass or sunglass frames.

Eyeglass Rescue is authorized to release only your name to the finder of your glasses. If the Finder knows you, this will help you to retrieve your glasses more quickly. Eyeglass Rescue will provide the owner of the eyeglasses with the name, address and telephone number of the finder.