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Both EYEGLASS RESCUE and eyewear owners everywhere thank you for your concern and responsiveness.
If you have found glasses with an EYEGLASS RESCUE Identification Sleeve, please call our Rescue Center at 1.888.950.7507 immediately. Or, click here to complete our easy Finder’s Form. When you contact us, you will need to provide the Identification Number indicated on the sleeve, as well as your name, address and the telephone number at which you can be reached.
Eyeglass Rescue will contact the owner of the eyeglasses that you have found and the owner will call you to arrange the return of their eyeglasses. Once the eyeglasses have been returned, call our toll-free telephone number 1-888-950-7507 and Eyeglass Rescue will mail you a reward for your good deed.
In addition to being a great person for helping out, once the glasses are retrieved by the owner or by EYEGLASS RESCUE, you will receive a "Thank You" reward package including free merchandise.
If you have any questions, call EYEGLASS RESCUE at 1.888.950.7507,
or email to: service@eyeglassrescue.com