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As seen in Newsweek

As Seen in Newsweek Magazine, January 5, 2008

“Buy the Eyeglass Rescue kit. Slip this small identification sleeve over the bar of your glasses and ensure that you never lose them again. Each sleeve is inscribed with an ID number that gets entered into a national database when you call a toll-free number.”

As seen in Parents magazine

As Seen in Parents Magazine, May, 2008

Eyeglass Lost and Found
Since there's nothing more maddening than having to shell out cash for yet another pair of prescription glasses, check out Eyeglass Rescue for Kids (eyeglassrescue.com). For $12 you receive membership in a database and an ID sleeve that slips over the eearpiece stem of your kid's specs. If your chlld loses her glasses, the finder can call the toll-free number printed on the sleeve —and recieve a reward when the missing glasses are returned.

As seen in The St. Petersberg Times

As Seen in The St. Petersberg Times, May 6, 2008

When Eyeglasses Drop Out Of Sight
More than half of the tens of millions who wear eyeglasses have lost at least one pair. A new device may change all that: Eyeglass Rescue includes an ID sleeve (like a small tube) that is placed around temple, or earpiece, of the eyeglasses, and heat-shrinks itself to the glasses. The wearer calls Eyeglass Rescue to register the unique ID number on the sleeve and the wearer's contact information. This sleeve also carries the company's toll-free phone number and a "Call For Reward" statement (it's a chain drug store gift certificate). Someone finding the eyewear can call the company to provide the ID number; then, glasses and owner can be reunited. The product is $10.99 and can be purchased by calling toll-free 1-888-950-7507, or online at www.Walgreens.com www.cvs.com, or www.eyeglassrescue.com.

As seen in The Costco Connection

As Seen in The Costco Connection, July, 2008

A vision for success.

After losing two pairs of $400 eyeglasses on six months, and observing that his mother-in-law was also losing her glasses everywhere she went, Costco member Peter Jones was struck by inspiration.

Jones, a business consultant in Newton, Massachusetts, believed that people who found a pair of glasses would probably return them of only they could figure out whose they were. For the next year he worked on developing a way to do just that, and Eyeglass Rescue as born.

In 2004, Eyeglass rescue recieved its first patent. In addition to attaching the heat shrink tags, the user registers contact information online or by phone. Currently, the program boasts more than 25,000 subscribers and has reunited more than 4,000 pairs of glasses with their owners.

As for the finders, if altruism isn't enough, they are rewarded with a thank-you package of merchandise. —SF